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GREETING, my developer friends, thanks for visiting my site and navigating here to know more about us. 

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    " Let me introduce myself, I am Vinod Pyarelal Yadav owner and founder of this blog site. At the very beginning of my career in IT co-operates in 2011, I had learned a very hard lesson of getting anyone's help or guidance for finishing the assigned task. Especially when you new to the project and a beginner to the technology."

"As we all agree/disagree with the fact, that we don't get much technical information about the actual coding of the project in any college's unless it's an EXAM / SEMESTER and we all need to pass it."

"If I talk about my career point of view, I had started as a Web Integrator on my first companies, later I switched to cross-platform technology. You know the Ninja move of cross-platform technology is that it shares the common business logic/layer between both the different platforms. But still, this kind of technology had limitations which totally turn down or motivates us to overcome that limation and learn next for the growth."

"So the career journey which started with the WEB INTEGRATOR and still continues to LEAD MOBILE APP DEVELOPER was not easy at all, it has really been a struggle to learn/start on new technology." 

This struggle had given me the opportunity which I had pointed down below
  1. To learn
  2. To grow
  3. To explore
  4. To share knowledge
  5. To provide technical support
  6. To invent
  7. To earn 

Why Blogging

Android UI has always been the point of attraction for all the users and organizations upcoming projects. The unique and adaptive layout is a core functional feature for App creation. 

And nowadays we had so many new Android Layout and custom libraries that together make the App more user-friendly and it also became the tool to drive the business from website to App. Many of my friends and supportive colleague, want to learn and upgrade themselves to this Mobile Technology and this blog site & its Youtube Channel is going to be one of the approaches to help them and others. 

This blog site is to help you with any UI integration & implementation and providing them the libraries that can be used for the AWESOME App creation.

Birth of AndroidSupernerds

The thirst for sharing my knowledge and dream to form an android developer community for discussing the new design approach, feature, code language, etc, and much more had really motivated me to start writing.

  • Native App
  • Cross-platform App
  • Web Mobile App

This is three App approach is widely used in most of the companies for App building and distributing. But at the really start we should know, which technology approach should be considered before going ahead. 

And motto of this Blog site is to provide you the knowledge, pros, and cons, Technological approach, UI integration with third-party dependency implementation. 



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