TextView Overlapping ImageView

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For displaying any kind of image we add some text information for better understanding in a detail screen or in a listview row is seen in most of the apps. And it is kind of an easy task. 
But when asked for displaying a text on an image, it became's pain. 

TextView on ImageView

So as the title says "Text on Image" i.e TextView Overlapping ImageView, I had a couple of tricks and cure for this pain.

Before I begin, if you guys want to know How to create a Circular ImageView with TextView on it, please do check my this articles.

For now, I had used four different existing layouts to make this happen. Those Parent Layouts are:-
  1. Use Frame Layout
  2. Use Relative Layout
  3. Use Linear Layout
  4. Use CardView Layout


Creating an overlapping view via using FrameView as a Parent Layout is really a simple way of doing it. We can also use multiple Overlapping Views on each other. 


Just add ImageView with TextView and give width and height for the TextView as "MatchParent" or same as the ImageView.
For adjusting the TextView, use gravity and Layout_gravity attribute.

Linear Layout:

In place of using ImageView for displaying the image, just add the image path/ image drawable to the background for the LinearLayout. 
And for display TextView, follow the same attribute pattern which we did for Relative Layout above.


Creating an overlapping view via using CardView as a Parent Layout is as same as FrameLayout. We can also use multiple Overlapping Views on each other. 

Output for TextView over ImageView:

So displaying TextView over an ImageView in multiple ways is accomplished.

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