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Alert dialog box include custom dialog and Chat Dialog Fragment

  Welcome to " Android Super Nerds ". Thanks for coming back to my site, I really appreciate that and if you guys are new to my Site please do check my  previous articles  as well. Nowadays, any application we consider .i.e. web or mobile, notifying our user about warning, information, new notification message, error, or any status related to any crucial action message via an Alert Box or more alike a DialogBox is a best practice.  Alert Dialog Box An alert dialog box is a medium to display and prompt an important message to our user. Even the action button can be seen on it, which seeks the user to make his decision.  A dialog box can be a simple approach for message sharing to our user but it too can vary depending on its already defined classes and method.  Its class already have defined methods and attribute field given below🠗 1. Title 2. Icon 3. Message field 4. Action buttons 5. Custom style theme  6. Input field 7. Dialog cancelable (optional)       Most of the Apps h

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